Eczema Lifestyle Tips and Washing Procedure

100% cotton socks and underwear

Clothes should be washed with Persil Non-Bio or other Non-Bio washing powder if not available – biological washing powder contains enzymes harvested from micro-organisms like bacteria, these can increase the risk of irritation to the skin – this is an extremely important tip

No fabric conditioner or lint in washing machine or tumble dryer as these can be a trigger

Cotton and bamboo fabrics – used throughout as much as clothing as possible, as nylon and other materials can irritate the skin

Breathable clothes – don’t get to hot as sweet will dry skin and course itching

No perfume, deodorants, after shave, fake tan or hair spray

Make up will effect the skin – this also includes partners who wear make up as it can be passed onto the suffers skin. This can also be done through pillowcases and sheets

Sunscreen – this can be difficult as skin needs to be protected from the sun, Boots sensitive is recommended

Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated

Multi vitamins can be taken to boost your healthy eating – some contain flavorings which can be a trigger so read ingredients before taking

Jewelry can be a trigger – whether its the metal or that your skin is sweating under your ring

Work or kitchen aprons that sit tight around the neck can be a trigger – I place mine above my polo shirt

Fumes from cleaning products such as bleach can be a big trigger

Citrus fruit that comes into contact with the skin can be a trigger

Washing and Moisturising procedure 

Don’t have shower or bath water too hot or on a too powerful setting – as both can remove natural oils on skin

Use ‘Oilatum’ or another medical sensitive skin soap to wash entire body

Wash hair with ‘Oilatum’ shampoo or another medical shampoo that doesn’t trigger your eczema

Remove all soap and shampoo from your skin

Dry body outside of bathroom (The moisture in the air can course sweating) pad down skin gently with cotton towel

Moisturise using an none-perfume oat based moisturiser such as ‘Aveeno’ whilst skin is still slightly damp, the water will be absorbed into the skin with the moisturiser, this will help keep skin from drying

Put moisturiser on in a downward motion only, not against the hairs

Relax for a few minutes whilst moisture sinks into skin then dress in clean clothes

Change towel very regularly and hang well to allow the cloth to completely and quickly dry between uses – bacteria can thrive in them

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