Vitamins and Skin Health

Vitamins play a key role in the bodies skin health and its ability to repair itself. Having a healthy nutrient based diet plays a big impact on your over all health and wellbeing. Think of it like this – if you don’t fill your car with fuel, windscreen cleaner, oil and keep up the general maintenance your car won’t function as best it can. It’s the same with your body if you don’t provide it with the correct food containing the vitamins it needs then it’s not going to function as best it can. If your vitamins levels are at the correct levels your body will function better and therefor heal the eczema more efficiently as it has the tools it needs.

Below are 3 key vitamins that all eczema sufferers should include in their daily diet

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is needed in the eventual production of new skin cells

Foods with vitamin A are – kale, sweet potatoes and eggs

Vitamin D

This is a major vitamin when it comes to eczema sufferers, Vitamin D supports skin cell metabolism, helping your skin repair itself and grow. Therefor if your deficient in vitamin D this is going to lead to your skin being effected

Some of the foods that provide in Vitamin D are – salmon & tuna – cereal, soya milk and almond milk are often fortified with vitamin D

Another important way of supplying your body with the vitamin D it needs is through sunlight

Spending 20 minutes in the sun triggers a reaction on your skin which produces Vitamin D

Vitamin E

Vitamin E fights of free radicals from the skin, is an natural anti-inflammatory and can help the skin keep moisturized

Foods with Vitamin E include Almonds, avocados, broccoli, kiwi and spinach

You maybe thinking you can take tablets to get the vitamins you need, this is true but by eating fresh food you will be eating a healthy diet which means your not putting any triggers in your body and also you will be benefiting from the wide range of other minerals and antitoxins that vitamins tablets don’t have.

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