Welcome to Eczema Tips

Having suffered from eczema for over 30 years and I would like to share my experience with you on how I have learnt to control my eczema, to a point where my skin is as good as a none eczema sufferer, without using any steroid cream or any other new ‘wonder cream’

I’ve created this website to share all I’ve learnt on managing eczema. I want to help other eczema sufferers by sharing tips and techniques as well as baseline understandings of what the causes and triggers are, and how different management techniques help keep the problem at bay. As people have different triggers that cause their eczema people can also share their ‘eczema tips’ on this site.

Until science discovers why certain people suffer from eczema the only 100% long term way to control eczema is to find and eliminate the triggers – the root cause of the reaction which your body is responding too. No matter how much steroid or moisturizer cream you put on the eczema, it will only make it better for that time, finding and stopping the root cause is the only way to stop the eczema coming back.

Think of it this way – you have a constant headache for months but instead of trying to find out what is causing the headache you continue to take painkillers to solve the problem. Listed on this site are all the things I’ve learnt that trigger my eczema that sufferers may not know about or realize they are doing. You may find after reading on, that your path to a comfortable and pain free life is a complete lifestyle change – but I promise that it will be worth it.

Fundamentally the 2 main issues to make eczema better are to:



You’ll see in this blog that I don’t have some miracle cream or medicine that will make your eczema go away but scores of tips and lifestyle changes that will help drastically improve your eczema

If you really want to have your skin back to normally you need to EAT HEALTHY & ELIMINATE THE TRIGGERS which your body is reacting too.

Eating healthy has two benefits for eczema sufferers: one is by eating non triggers (personally my food triggers are dairy, processed foods, ‘E’ numbers and colorants) this means that the body is not subjected to an intolerance which in turn ‘triggers’ eczema to form – By avoiding eating these triggers your eczema won’t be set off.

The second is that by eating well and healthy foods your body receives a high doses of vitamins which help with healing time as it will have the resources it needs to repair skin.

No doctor has ever told me what not to eat or what triggers to avoid – personally the problem I have encountered is that the common consensus is to only prescribe moisturizers, steroid cream or drugs to control the eczema outbreak – prescription and managing appears generally to be all that they’ve been taught, not how to stop it in the first place so the treatments aren’t needed.

If you were to implement one single tip you find on this site you may find your eczema improves by 0.5%, now if you were to implement the ‬scores of the tips on this site you should see a major improvement and be able to live a normal non eczema suffering life. You have the information , all you need to achieve this is will power..